Siros Vaziri

Professional Drummer & Educator

Welcome to the official website of drummer Siros Vaziri. Hundreds of drum fill lessons, contact info, gear list, biography, and more!

Online lessons:

Straight-to-the-point drum fill video lessons with notation. Time for some new inspiration, and a broader fill vocabulary? Look no further!

Exact note for note transcriptions of Siros’s drum video jams posted on Instagram & Facebook. Also includes MIDI and the original full screen video file.

Sign up for a 1-on-1 video call with Siros, where you will learn how to grow your social media presence, build a lasting career in music, the ins- and outs of endorsements & the music business, crucial networking skills and more.

Learn about Siros’s entire approach to recording and mixing drums, tuning, and investing in the right gear, in three concise and practical e-books.