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Maise Watson, UK

"I have bought both Pack 1 and 2 of Siros' lesson series and I am beyond glad that I did. He's unlike any other Instagram drummer and I just had to learn from him. Buying these packs has helped to shape me into a better drummer, pushing myself to learn cool things out of my comfort zone, helping me find new things I love, which ultimately flow through into my own writing and drumming process. I can't stress enough how helpful these lessons have been for me, and how much I recommend them!"

Jesse Stull, USA

"I've bought both volume 1 and 2 of the fills, licks and chops; and awaiting the volume 3 release. These videos are broken down and presented in a way that no matter where you're at in your drumming, they will take you to the next level. They are challenging, tasteful, and just generally fun to play fills."

Nate Mueller, USA

"I bought lesson packs 1 and 2 and will surely buy number 3. I've had such an amazing experience with these packs, and i have generated so many great ideas from them. The price is very reasonable and is beyond worth it. I have followed Siros for 2 years and I love to hear his ideas and borrow them. I absolutely love these fills, licks, and chops and I guarantee many others will too. Very talented guy with great musical ideas!!"

Joel Rönn, Finland

"This is the best money can buy if you're into chops and technique. The videos are extremely straight to the point which I love. Not only do you find good fills and licks in these packs, you also get a huge amount of concepts and stickings to play around with. Whether you want to transcribe the chops as they are or want to let your creativity run free, this is the bundle for any serious drummer who wants to take their chops/licks to the next level."

Aaron Spevak, Lithuania

"This system will not disappoint you as a player, and as a teacher. As a teacher myself, this (seemingly endless) amount of material from 100 fills series pushes my students and myself. We draw numbers from a hat (1-200.... soon to be 300) and we learn that number using the video explanation on the big screen TV, and the sheets which I printed out. 

I consider this one of the top educational tools because every student is asking for 2 things: more grooves, and more fills. We never run out of fills to learn with this simple, organized system (no talk... just play and learn)

Thanks Siros Vaziri for your hard work on this! Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania."

Julian Donalies, Germany

"After seeing a lot of different teasers and free lessons I decided to buy lesson pack 1 and 2. Not only to support the great work of Siroz but also to improve myself to get more ideas, creativity and explore the wide world of drumming. The explanation ist great, the notation is easy to understand and can also be used to learn notation even if you have never used it before. After a while you will see improvement even if you never have thought you would need it. I recommend the lesson packs to all drummers from beginners to advanced that want to add some vocabulary to their drumming. It's really cheap for what you get and what you can make out of it. Great work."