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Professional Drummer & Educator

Welcome to the official website of drummer Siros Vaziri. Hundreds of drum fill lessons, contact info, gear list, biography, and more!

Skype Lessons & Mentoring

Use the contact form on this page to book a lesson, or to ask any questions you might have, and Siros will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Q: "What is the cost, and how do I pay?"

A: "My rate is $70 USD / hour. You can book any length you’d like, for example 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, and we can cover any topic you want to learn about.

Payment is accepted securely through PayPal (no account needed), and you can pay from anywhere in the world with your credit/debit card."

Q: "How does scheduling a lesson work?"

A:  1) Use the form on this page to contact Siros. He will get back to you over email as soon as possible.
2) You and Siros will continue contact over email in order to find a time and day that works for both of you.
3) Once a time and day has been scheduled, all that's left is for you to send payment before the day of your lesson.
4) You're all set - enjoy your private Skype lesson!"

Q: "Can I learn whatever I want?"

A: "Yes! Each lesson is adapted to you, and my main goal is always to answer all your questions and teach you exactly what YOU want to learn."

Q: "What do I need for a Skype Lesson?"

A: "Just a good enough internet connection! Sticks and a practice pad is recommended for lessons about drumming, but not necessary. And of course, you're more than welcome to take the lesson from behind your drum kit."

Q: "Do I need to sign up for more than one lesson?"

A: "Not at all! There are no requirements for long-term studying - you are free to book only a single one-time lesson.”