Drum Recording & Mixing E-Books

Recording Drums on a Budget

The complete GEAR GUIDE for anyone who wants to start recording drums, or for anyone who wants to improve their sound. Tons of tips for different setups and sounds, on any budget.

- Equipment you NEED, and why
- What to buy first, and what to look for
- 1 mic, 2 mic, 4 mic and 8+ mic setups
- Microphone recommendations
- Cymbals, heads, drum sizes, depths and materials
- Practical and honest gear advice for your needs

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Drum Recording Made Easy

Drum recording doesn’t have to be complicated! In this e-book, Siros teaches you how to overcome the different challenges you will face when recording drums, and explains the pros and cons of various recording techniques, mic configurations, tunings and gear.

- Tuning
- Practical advice for any size setup
- Pros & Cons of different mic techniques & configurations
- Microphones explained - condenser vs. dynamic, polar patterns, etc.
- Minimalizing cymbal bleed
- Making the most of what you have

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10 Step Guide to Mixing Drums

Mixing drums is all about following the right path to your sound. In this e-book, Siros breaks down every step of the drum mixing process, and summarizes it into a practical 10 Step Guide you can follow to polish any drum mix and achieve your desired sound.

- Mixing tips for any size setup and any skill level
- No fancy gear or plug-ins required
- Practical advice on using EQ, compression and more
- Finding your own sound in the mix

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