Evans Drumheads

“Fantastic tone, durability and consistent high quality aside, the main thing that has always drawn me to Evans is their incredible selection and broad variety of heads. There's a head for every occasion with Evans, and because of this I'm able to achieve exactly that specific sound I want from my drums, every time. Punchy, warm, bright, rich, muffled, round, long sustain, short sustain, "dead", dry, open, lively - it doesn't matter what the situation calls for. What I hear inside my head is only a Evans head away from becoming reality. Below you can read my thoughts about the head configuration I'm currently using on my home setup for studio work, video recordings and teaching.”

10”, 12”, 14”, 16”

Batter: EC2S Clear
Reso: G1 Clear

“If you’re looking for a punchy tom sound with a clear and direct tone, plenty of attack and great tuning range, the EC2S Clear over G1 Clear combo never fails. Tuned approximately to a minor third interval (batter head tuned to X note and resonant head tuned higher to X+3 semitones), this head combination gets me just the right amount tone, projection and sustain that I’m looking for in my toms, from 10” all the way down to 16”.

Bass drum:

Batter - EMAD Heavyweight
Reso - EQ3 Smooth White

“The EMAD Heavyweight is a super fat and punchy bass drum head. It’s loud and direct, very controlled due to the in-built dampening system (I use the smaller foam ring), but still has a rich fatness to it with plenty of tone. Coupled with the classic EQ3 Smooth White head on the resonant side, I get just the amount of tone, punch, volume and attack I want.”

Snare drums:

Batter: Heavyweight
Reso: Hazy 300

“My preference in a snare sound is loud and punchy, but with a delicate side - crisp and articulate ghost notes, a slight ring and a full, focused tone. For me, the Heavyweight is the perfect snare drum head for this. I've tried and enjoyed many others - HD Dry, EC Reverse Dot, G12 Coated, etc., but I always come back to the Heavyweight. It has a powerful crack to it when you hit it hard, beautiful and consistent overtones, fantastic durability and a great feel of strike. Paired with the Hazy 300 snare side head, the crispness of the snare wires really comes through in any situation and at any dynamic level, forming a versatile and overall killer snare drum sound.”