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October lessons:

My favorite bass drum exercise for timing, independence and accuracy. Try it out at some different tempos. This is 100bpm.

Latest Q&A answers:

Q: “Any tips on having a more efficient practice session? Emphasis on hands and feet... Could you send like a routine you'd use?”

A: “I’m personally not much for practice routines - drums have always been my creative space, and as soon as I start making a routine out of it, I don’t enjoy it as much and won’t practice/create as consistently as I would if I simply go play without a specific routine. With that said, if you’re able to stick to a routine where you pinpoint your flaws and systematically work to improve them, more power to you! That’s probably the fastest road to getting better, if you’re able to sustain that type of deep, focused practice.
What I can recommend is to film yourself when you practice, and set out to film at least one 20-60 second long clip that you feel really happy with. It could be a clip where you push your creativity, hold down the pocket, rehearse a fill, or anything else. The point is to push yourself to achieve 20-60 seconds of “perfection”. It’s a lot harder than you’d think once the camera is rolling, and it keeps you on your toes, forcing you to bring your A-game. You don’t have to post the clip anywhere (unless you want to!). Just view it as a practice tool, and also a great way to log your practice and be able to look at & listen to your playing from an outside perspective.”

“I thought I read that you didn’t need Dropbox! I use a iPad and I phone. Could you explain how to access older clips.”

A: “You don’t need a Dropbox account to download the videos or PDF. Click on the DOWNLOAD button here on this page underneath the video you wan to to download. Once you’re on the Dropbox page, select the file(s) you want to download and find where it says ‘Direct download’. Click there, and it will download the video directly to your device, no account needed. If it doesn’t work, please contact me again and I’ll help you out.”

Q: “Would you even consider adding a click to some of the examples?”

A: “I would - it’s just that it dramatically changes the workflow for producing these videos, as well as not allowing the videos to be fluid single takes, but instead chopped up and consisting of multiple takes as I’d need to reset the metronome for each new tempo while filming a lesson. I’ve just always preferred to create these straight-to-the-point lessons in one fluid take when possible, but I understand why a click could be helpful. I’ll definitely consider this for the future.”

Q: “Would you recommend that new drummers practice one particular lesson until they become comfortable, or is it suggested to practice a few new things at once, as long as there's balance between them?”

A: “I’d recommend that you practice the lessons that feel fun and challening/useable for you, no matter your skill level. Stick with those lessons long enough so that you can play them at a moderate tempo at least, and then move on to something new. If a lesson is too hard for you, maybe there’s a little part of it that you can use as inspiration to create something else by yourself? The idea with all of these lessons is to poke you with some new challenges and ideas every day - you don’t necessarily need to practice or master every lesson, just use your favorites as practice material to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and develop your vocabulary. Above all, have fun!”


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