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Siros Vaziri

Professional Drummer & Educator

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Preparing for TamTam DrumFest

This Sunday, November 4th, I will be performing at the world famous TamTam DrumFest in Sevilla, Spain. This is one of Europe's biggest drum festivals, and I'm incredibly honored to be invited to play alongside Calvin Rodgers, Ash Soan, Sarah Thawer, Derrick Wright and Michael Schack.

I will be doing a 50 minute performance, which will be livestreamed for free at the day of the festival. Keep an eye on my social media this weekend for the livestream, and for lots of behind the scenes coverage of the festival.


Right now I'm preparing like crazy for my performance. And I really need to!

Drum festival performances are different from drum clinics. I'm used to doing clinics, and I don't typically need to practice or prepare much for one, but festivals are more about performing than teaching. This means more playing, and less talking. The tricky part for me is that I'm an independent drummer - I'm not part of any band, so I don't have a lot of music to play along to. I can't just play drum solos for my entire performance either, it's not very interesting and would also take an insane amount of time to prepare (composing good solos isn't easy!). So right now I'm practicing several hours per day, learning a couple of songs, working on a semi-improvised solo, and rehearsing my teaching segment, in order to put together a solid performance I can be proud of. It's a lot of work, but I'm excited!

This festival also has a translator who will translate what I say to Spanish, so I really don't want to talk too much. However, a short "clinic section" (teaching some kind of concept) and a Q&A is usually a part of the performances on this festival, so I'll be doing a teaching segment and answering some questions, too. I just need to make sure I do it in a concise and structured way. For example, in the teaching segment I will try to play as much as possible, and only say what is necessary to explain what I'm playing/teaching. It needs to be interesting and easy to understand for everyone, no matter their language skills or level as a drummer.

My entire 50 min performance will look something like this:

Song 1 (5 min)
Song 2 (5 min)
Teaching segment (20 min)
Song 3 (3 min)
Q&A (10 min)
Ending solo (7 min)

I can't wait to play this festival. I hope you'll tune in for the livestream - and if you're going to the festival (which is sold out), I hope to meet you there!

I will also visit Madrid, and will be available for private lessons there, as well as in Sevilla. If you live in or near any of these cities, let's link up!

Now I'm going to continue practicing. See you soon!
- Siros Vaziri