How I Get My 16" Floor Tom Sound

Probably the number one question I get asked is "What's that floor tom head?", followed closely by the second most asked question; "Are you Iranian?", to which the answer is no, I'm born and raised in Sweden, but my father is from Iran, hence my Persian name and appearance... Can't speak the language, but planning to learn it later down the road.

Either way - the head I use is a Evans 16" UV EMAD head, but more specifically it's the 'tom hoop version' of that head. The EMAD heads are normally for bass drums, but Evans makes them for 16" floor toms as well, in UV, Clear and Calftone versions.

It's important that you pick up the 'tom hoop version' - a 16" bass drum head won't fit on a 16" floor tom, because the hoops are different. This specific head solves that.

It gives me a SUPER FAT floor tom sound, similar to a punchy bass drum, and that's exactly how I like my 16" floor tom to sound. It also comes with two different size foam dampening rings, so it's easy to adjust how lively or dampened you want the head to be. I mostly use the smaller ring, or none at all.

I tune the head about a quarter turn above finger tight, and tune the resonant head (an Evans EC Resonant) a fair bit higher. I then push in some cotton wool through the vent hole (or throw it into the drum before putting on the heads), which then rests on the resonant head on the inside of the drum, controlling annoying overtones and excessive sustain.

Hope this clears things up!

If you want to know about the other gear I use, check out my full gear list here on my website.

See you soon!
- Siros Vaziri

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