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5 Most Important Lessons I Learned in 2018

Happy New Year!

I want to wrap up this year by sharing with you the five most important lessons I've learned in 2018. This year has been crazy for me in so many ways, and I hope that I can inspire and motivate you through my experiences, just as they have inspired and motivated me to push even harder (or maybe just smarter?) in 2019. Let's dive in.

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Preparing for TamTam DrumFest

Right now I'm preparing like crazy for my performance. And I really need to!

Drum festival performances are different from drum clinics. I'm used to doing clinics, and I don't typically need to practice or prepare much for one, but festivals are more about performing than teaching. This means more playing, and less talking. The tricky part for me is…

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Dealing With Bad Drumming Days

We all know what it’s like… you come in, sit behind your kit, perhaps initially excited to play, and as soon as you start playing - nothing feels right. Your setup feels weird, your arms feel stiff, and your creativity has come to a complete halt. Everything just feels terrible some days, and it can be really hard to push through. So how do we deal with days like these?

This exact thing happened to me today, just hours before I’m writing this. I was excited to record a…

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How I Get My 16" Floor Tom Sound

Probably the number one question I get asked is "What's that floor tom head?", followed closely by the second most asked question; "Are you Iranian?", to which the answer is no, I'm born and raised in Sweden, but my father is from Iran, hence my Persian name and appearance... Can't speak the language, but planning to learn it later down the road.

Either way - the head I use is a Evans 16" UV EMAD head, but more specifically it's the 'tom hoop version' of that head. The EMAD heads are normally…

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Balancing Music & Mental Health

Today I want to briefly write about a BIG topic for me - mental health. And even more specifcally, mental health in relation to playing music, especially when doing it at a professional level.

I've always been adamant on finding a healthy balance between playing drums and living life as a whole, but it's only recently that I've…

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5 Tips For The Social Media Drummer

The internet, and in extension social media, is arguably the single most powerful tool we have available today to launch or strengthen a career in music. But if used incorrectly, it can become a huge time- and resource drain. Let's talk about drumming on social media - I hope you can take something away from these tips and further grow your presence online, no matter what your ambitions are!

Here are my best 5 tips that I've learned from almost 4 years of building a drum career completely from scratch through social media:

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